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Adding an extension to your home has become a popular option for those who need more space

In the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, house extensions and garden rooms have become increasingly popular over the past few years. There are two main reasons for the growth in popularity of home extensions and garden rooms.

Firstly, with the unpredictably of the housing market and the decrease in property prices, some people are finding it harder to move home. Adding an extension or garden room to your home is a great way of utilising your existing space and adding value to your property.

Secondly, a decent quality extension or garden room can give much needed extra space without having to go through the hassle of moving home. As families grow, it is often easier to add a room to your property rather than moving house. If the prospect of moving area and having to go through the rigmarole of finding new schools for your children doesn't appeal, adding a Quick Room extension to your house may be the answer.

Quick Room extensions and garden rooms can be used as home studies, offices, studios, bathrooms, sunrooms, bedrooms or even granny flats

All rooms are wheelchair accessible and designed to "Lifetime Homes' standards, so should be adaptable over the course of your life. Our flexible modular extensions are environmentally friendly, super-insulated and have low running costs.

Extending your house with a Quick Room

Quick Room's are attached to a house as an extension and have been designed to conform with 'permitted development rights', so may not require planning permission. However, should you need any planning assistance, our team of architects can advise and deal with all these elements.

Find out about Quick Room home extensions in England, Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and beyond

Quick Room home extensions prices start from £8000 + vat, which makes them an economical way to add extra space to your home. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or get a no obligation quote.